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Fu's Subcutaneous Needling

Fu's subcutaneous needling is a technique invented by a Dr Zhong-hua Fu in 1996. Fu's subcutaneous needling is modern acupuncture developed from a combination of traditional Chinese acupuncture with modern medicine including modern anatomy and physiology, it is very safe and shows results quickly.

How it works

It inserts a special type of needle designed by Dr Zhong-hua Fu into subcutaneous layer near taut/tightened muscles (TMs) using a special applicator (TMs are the muscles that continue to be tense despite the normal and relaxed state it should be in, it can happen to parts of a muscle or the whole muscle, common TMs will have single or multiple Myofascial trigger points). After the needle enters subcutaneous layer, the needle will be manipulated to perform a horizontal side to side swiping motion, and then followed by designated movements of the TMs as the manipulation of needle continues. This is a modern acupuncture technique that relieves pain quickly.


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